I Didn't Know Trans People Existed

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Asia speaks about not knowing that trans people existed, and coming from a Caribbean family.


Vanguard Revisited Feb 2011

This collection of historical documents and contemporary writings from street youth creates a dialogue about poverty, queerness, drugs, and the police. Vanguard, a grassroots homeless youth group, was founded in 1966 as youth mobilized to combat police harassment, picket discriminatory businesses, and hold same-sex dances in church halls. Vanguard had a significant transgender membership and is the group whose work helped set the stage for the Compton's Cafeteria Riot in the Tenderloin District of San Francisco.

Vanguard Revisited

Excerpts from a Journal of a Trans Girl

This writing came from a project based out of Seattle that supports LGBTQ youth in creating zines. These journal entries describe the coming-of-age of a young trans woman.

Grace Tveit

Lucky's Story

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Lucky M speaks about growing up as a queer person with a disability.

Lucky M

On the Stroll

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Shanelle speaks abut her experiences growing up and how she began working the streets of New York.

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