Bound to Struggle: the Intersection of Kink and Radical Politics (Volumes 1-5)

This compilation zine brings together stories and essay from many kinky radicals. It is not trans exclusive but is curated by a trans person and had several contributors who are trans. There are 5 volumes so far and accepts submissions on a rolling basis.

Bound to Struggle Vol 1 (E-book version)
Bound to Struggle Vol 1 (Print version)

By Simon Strikeback

The Difficulties of Dating

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Nia speaks about the difficulties of dating cisgendered men.

Recorded October 2012, on NorthEast Tour - New York City, New York.


Full Metal Faggot: Porno # 4

Warning: Explicit content inside

This sexy zine portrays mountain trans men in their natural habitat. A bit of a fantasy to be sure, it lives up to the label of porn on the cover with black and white photos of real trans guys getting hot and heavy. It even has a centerfold!

Ricky Dicked

DUDE issue #2

DUDE is a free and not for profit creative resource designed to celebrate positive representation of trans guys and to share skills and knowledge.
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