New York

I Didn't Know Trans People Existed

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Asia speaks about not knowing that trans people existed, and coming from a Caribbean family.


First Time I Ever Knew About Trans People

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Denise Infinity talks about discovering that trans people existed and the journey since then.

Recorder October 2012 on North East Tour in New York City, New York.

Denise Infinity

The Difficulties of Dating

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Nia speaks about the difficulties of dating cisgendered men.

Recorded October 2012, on NorthEast Tour - New York City, New York.


Lis Maurer Transcript

Lis Maurer is the Director of the LGBT wellness Center at Ithaca College. They speak about being involved creating the True Colors Conference and in the forming of the first trans rights organization in New York. They also speak about their personal struggle to find love and acceptance and how it lead to the work they do now at Ithaca College.

André Pérez, Helyx Chase

Lis "I thought I had to settle."

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Lis describes their journey to find love as a gender variant person.

André Pérez, Helyx Chase

From HIV to Healthcare and Housing Justice

Michelle O'Brien lives in New York and has been active in several social justice organizations organizations. She discusses feminism's legacy to the trans movement, a partners battle for inclusion in women's only spaces, and HIV/AIDS activism in New York.

Interview with Michelle O'Brien

Street Transvestite Action Revolutionaries

Stonewall combatants Sylvia Rivera and Marsha “Pay It No Mind” Johnson—a Latin@ and an African American activist, respectively—took part in the early development of the Gay Liberation Front (GLF) in the weeks after the 1969 Stonewall street battles. Both were self-identified drag queens.

While consciousness and attitudes toward transgender and transsexual activists was not uniform in GLF, the lesbian and gay front did not turn away trans people.

by Leslie Feinberg

On the Stroll

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Shanelle speaks abut her experiences growing up and how she began working the streets of New York.

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