Decades of love: Gloria Allen's Story

Gloria speaks about growing up in the 1950's. She describe what it was like to face difficulties with the world around her but also have the support of her family and church. She talks overcoming an abusive relationship to find the love of her life--who she's been with for 17 years so far.

An active community member since the 1960's, Gloria speak about her experience at the Stonewall riots and living on a commune all the way up to her current involvement in Charm School at the Center on Halsted.

Andre Perez and Alexis Martinez

Alexis Martinez Interview Transcript

Alexis speaks about growing up and coming out in Chicago. She describes falling in love in Chinatown, navigating her own Evangelical Christianity, and growing involved in the lesbian community. Finally, she describes her involvement in the first ever Transgender and Intersex People for Freedom event in Chicago in 2012.

André Pérez

Tongue and Chic Sex Worker Art Gallery

Co-founders of Tongue and Chic, Jay and Bryce discuss the vision, inspiration, and experiences that lead them to start a community-driven sex worker art space in Chicago. This interview takes place only weeks after the fledgling gallery began.

Download the transcript below.

Interview with Jay and Bryce

Transforming Justice and Translating Identities

Owen DMC discusses becoming a lawyer and founding the Transformative Justice Law Project in Chicago. He also recounts his student activism and reflects on ten years of involvement with the Translating Identities Conference, a student-led conference at the University of Vermont.

Download the transcript to learn more.

Interview with Owen DMC

Lucky's Story

See video

Lucky M speaks about growing up as a queer person with a disability.

Lucky M
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