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Our collective is invested in producing media that showcases marginalized voices from within our community. We try to choose themes that are socially and politically relevant and then we conduct interviews with folks about those topics. We are open to all kinds of stories about coming out, growing up, dating, parenting, organizing, and everything else. Check out our current projects to see if anything inspires you.


We are a small network with big ambitions. We’re always excited to have help from volunteers so that we can make the project bigger, better, and more inclusive. We support people getting involved who have a variety of skill sets and commitment levels. Whether you want to recruit new people, train trans folks in media production, or are itching to help to plan a fundraising event, we’d love to have you. Tell us more about your skills and interests by contacting us.

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Are you in Chicago or Philly? We are recruiting new people who are excited about getting involved in the work we are doing. Collective members need to dedicate at least 10 hours a month to the project and uphold our mission and values. If you are interested, please contact us.

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We hope you’ve come to this page because you are inspired to contribute to this community project. By creating and posting your own video, audio, or written story, you can have fun making something and also strengthen this resource for everyone. Learn more about the submission process.

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If you value what we do, then please show your support by helping us cover our expenses and continue making this project available to as broad a public as possible. A donation of any amount could go a long way towards helping this site stay up, paying for low-income trans folks to learn valuable skills, and enabling us to present workshops at community centers. Please contribute financially today by clicking on the yellow paypal button in the right hand column.