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The Trans Oral History Project leads educational workshops and exhibits to raise awareness about issues impacting trans and gender variant people, teach media skills to the queer and trans community, and promote discussion about trans folks in movement-building.

Are you a college or non-profit looking to add or increase the amount of transgender programming you offer? Are you a student who wants to help support the project? Are you an activist who wants to promote discussion about gender variance in your community? Read about our offerings in our Press Kit.

Fill out the form below if you're interested in bringing us to your community.

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Lecture Topics

We have existing curriculum for the following workshops, but we encourage you to let us know your needs so that we can adapt it to be the most useful to you.

TOHP is all volunteer run and although funding is not required to make a presentation happen, it sure does help! Please let us know if you have access to resources and what you think might be possible to contribute! (i.e. student group budget, department funding, pass the hat, etc.)

Why do you all want to bring the oral history project to your community? What do you hope folks will get from the experience?